MissionControl manages details for search and rescue organisations by storing personnel contact details and qualifications, as well as available equipment.

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SFR International Pty Ltd is an Australian based company founded in Sydney in 1998. SFR Admin Office

Originally specialising in IT consulting for European multi national companies, SFR International Pty Ltd also specialise in developing customer specified software and databases.

From stand-alone computers to networked computer systems, we offer solutions to your business challenges covering all aspects of your problem, including the training of involved personnel.

SFR International Pty Ltd offers a continuous level of high quality services with experience in:
IT Consulting
Project management
IT Board-reports
Analysing and optimising process control systems
Analysing and optimising distribution control systems
IT enhancements in the aviation industry
Upgrading IT tools in the education industry
Consulting in the logistics and waste management industry
Emergency services

Software and Database Solutions
Customised software and database products
Customer relationship Management (CRM) solutions
Automated business rule management systems
Rapid response software systems for the emergency services
GA flight planning and management systems
Encryption technology

On-Line Solutions
On-Line data warehousing
Terminal and distributed application solutions
Encrypted data transfer
Web management and hosting products
Web design

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